Woman to Woman: Caroline of CARO Marketing

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With offices in New York and Los Angeles, clients she frequently visits in Paris, and a roster of clients who truly appreciate a personable and intimate relationship ,  we are confident in saying that Caroline Rothwell Gerstein has a full plate of a pretty awesome life. Not only is she is at the top of her game, but she is also a mother and wife which she manages to equally and successfully balance with her career. But like all amazing things, it didn’t come easy.  It took hard work, consistency, innovation and time to build the empire she has now. We sat with Caroline, to get the low down on what it takes to be an owner of a thriving PR agency, and dig up some helpful work style tips to always stay on your A game in or away from the office.

Full Name:: Caroline Rothwell Gerstein
Fashion Publicist / Brand Consultant
Educational Background:: 
BS International Politics / English

VERRY (V)::  How and when did you know that PR and consulting fashion brands was going to be your career?
Caroline (C):: Since I was 7 and visited my first Filene’s basement sample sale, digging through YSL turtlenecks and picking up a copy of Interview magazine in newspaper print.

V:: What is a typical day for you (if there is ever one)?
C:: Connecting with my NY office, A cup of strong coffee with almond milk, run down of my calendar, client follow ups and then meetings and work that varies from day-to-day depending on what is happening in our world.

V:: What would you say are some of the greatest challenges in your field?
C:: There is much to be executed and managed daily, so it requires a strong balance between work and life.  A constant battle for any working professional.

V:: How have you seen CARO Marketing grow over the past 10 years?
C:: Wow, what a metamorphosis.  Contributing factors being the state of the economy, trends, and the new wave of social and online marketing and fashion coverage… we have expanded our territories to support our clients and being present in LA, NY and Paris as needed.  The agency has also become more than a fashion PR agency, but a go-to consultancy group for designers that are new to the US market.

V:: What do you think is the next step for CARE Marketing and for yourself?
C:: For me, I am always working on becoming a better business owner AND PR and marketing agency for my clients, this means continuing to understand the market changes and needs of my clients.  I foresee expansion in our offices and staffing in our online service offerings.  There is also another company in development, more on that in a couple of months.  🙂

V:: What is your big office no-no?
C:: No flip-flops in the office, letting the phone ring more than 3 times (picking up without a smile), and allowing the Keurig supply to get too low.

V:: Who is one person who has influenced you to be the person you are today?
C: My grandmother, now 93.  She taught me to be honest, strong and persistent and never forget where you come from.  I owe my connection and love of France to her as well.

V:: What is one thing you never leave the house without?
C:: My iPhone, a change of clothes, and a current photo of my daughter Chloe to look at throughout the day.

V:: What are your three closet staples?
C:: Fendi classic pump, Strom black denim, Illesteva sunnies; they mix and match with everything to take me from a more formal client meetings to a night out.

V:: What is your power outfit?
C:: A black suit, sexy and well-tailored.

V:: How do you reward yourself after a long day at work?
C:: Personal time, be it meditation, yoga or time with my family at home.  Getting out into nature and “resetting”.

V:: What is some advice to making the next big step in moving forward in your career?
C:: Ask a lot of questions from those in the industry.  When pursuing a new career, do your research so you are knowledgable and confident when interviewing.  Be impeccable with your words.


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